The Sixth Annual Limb Snapping

We're so excited to invite you all, old and new friends alike, to celebrate another incredible year at The Root with us. Cancel your plans for that wedding you were invited to, apologize to your cousin about her Bat Mitzvah you can't go to now, tell your mom she has a birthday every year and you'll be at the next one - because it's time to party with all of your best friends at the best event of the year!

Forget what you know about Limb Snapping: we've spent over half a decade perfecting the art of DIY celebrations and events so that we can prepare ourselves for this one. For the second year in a row, we're filling the weekend from beginning to end with live music, late night DJ sets, art workshops, communal projects, and an escape from the hot smelly summer city to connect with nature and people. We'll have music Friday night and ALL DAY Saturday, along with optional organized activities and tours of the property.

Join us to celebrate over half a decade of growth, friendship, and pleasure. It's the festival that reminds you of what it means to be human and alive in this crazy, beautiful world. This is our Sixth Annual Limb Snapping, and we can't wait to share it together with you all. 

The Root Community is located at 336 Anderson Road, Sprakers NY. You'll know us by our big red barn, with our logo on the side, and our big white silo with a porch on the top!

lineup thumb.jpg

Snapping Lineup

Every year we try to fill Limb Snapping with music from morning till night. This year is going to be no different, with sounds from all around the region converging for one epic weekend at The Root.

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Snapping Activities

Limb Snapping is more than just the sickest party you've ever been to in your life. It's also an awesome opportunity for us to share all the things we've been working on this year. 


Snapping Nitty Gritty

You're already down for the best weekend of the year, but you just need to know what to pack and where you're sleeping? We got you covered.



We do our best every year to keep the cost of your ticket as low as possible, to maximize enjoyment and reduce the burden on your wallet. The price of your ticket covers you for the entirety of your Limb Snapping experience here at The Root. It includes dinner on Friday evening, all meals on Saturday (including our third pig roast!), as well as breakfast on Sunday morning (all meals include vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options). Ice cold keg beer and tasty wine is also included in the cost of your ticket for the whole weekend (we will also have kegs of cider for those who are gluten free). That's a serious deal. A portion of ticket prices also goes towards maintaining the property of The Root.

Door Buster Ticket (May 15th-June 1st): $70

Early Bird Ticket (June 1st - June 15th): $80

Regular Limb Snapping Ticket (June 15th - August 17th): $90

This is a 21+ event. No exceptions, but we can't wait to see you when you are!

*Tickets will be available at the door on the day of the event on a first-come first-served basis, these tickets will be more expensive, so buy them beforehand!

**We cannot offer a refund on tickets after July 15th, because of the nature of the event money will have already been committed to vendors.

***Please email us at with any questions, concerns, or food allergies / restrictions that we should be aware of.