Snapping Activities

We've been spending the last 5 years in the woods and we want to share what we've learned and what we've made.

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Bee Hives

Join us Saturday afternoon at our apiary to learn about our bees! We began a year ago and will be adding a new hive this spring. Our resident bee keepers will walk you through what it takes to keep a hive alive year-round, how honey bees help our natural world, and how you can be a bee keeper yourself! There may also potentially be a taste of some fresh honey.

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Zip Lining

We have a 400 ft zip line that runs from our barn woodshop to our first camping spot. Zip 35ft in the air over fellow snappers and catch a view of the property in the way only a zip line can. This is a limb snapping favorite, and will be running all Saturday afternoon long!


Creek Swimming

What would an August afternoon be like without taking a quick dip in a creek? Through the backside of our property snakes the perfect spot for a little splish-splash time. Enjoy it with friends, birds, and a beverage. Don't forget your swimsuit (or not, whatever you're into!)