This is a camping event so please bring a tent, sleeping bag, sneakers / hiking boots, a headlamp, swim suit, towel, and drinking water.

We do not supply drinking water- our well on the property is unable to support the crowd so please plan accordingly. We recommend that each Limb Snapper have one gallon of water per-day. Stay hydrated!

Our event is RAIN or SHINE. Please plan on bringing a rain jacket- it's rained for at least some portion of Limb Snapping every year, so always good to plan on it so it doesn't dampen your spirit! Please bring layers, it may get a little chilly at night. Make sure you're bringing clothes that can get muddy! You'll be outside for the weekend and we don't want you to ruin your favorite running shoes. Also- flip flops can be difficult on our property- we encourage snappers to wear shoes that stick on their feet so you don't lose them on a hill somewhere. 

We offer outhouses and porta-potties for our guests for the weekend. They are well maintained and never icky and always have TP., we promise! We do not offer shower facilities to our guests (too many people, unfortunately.) But! We have a wonderful creek in the back of our property that's great to take a dip in to rinse off. 

how to get to limb snapping

What are my transportation options for getting to and from the event?

Driving: This is the easiest way of getting up and we encourage people to carpool! We will have roadside parking available. Join the carpooling spreadsheet. If you have a free spot in your car, we guarantee you'll meet a cool person! We are located at 336 Anderson Road, Sprakers NY. You'll know us by our big red barn with the logo on the side. 

Public Transit: You can take a bus or train to the Albany/Renselear station OR the Amsterdam station on Friday night or Saturday morning.. Please refer to the list below for our pick up times for certain buses and trains.

ticketing info

Your ticket covers the full cost of your visit to The Root for Limb Snapping. We'll be providing dinner on Friday evening as well as all meals on Saturday, and breakfast Sunday morning. All alcohol is covered by your ticket as well, keg beer and wine will be available all weekend. Just bring fine self and something to sleep under!


This is a 21+ event. Please bring a photo ID to check in.