The Seventh Annual Limb Snapping Lineup

Music is the heart and soul of every Limb Snapping. We're dedicated to bringing our friends the best sounds we can. This year we have some incredibely talented friends from across the region come to make music for us. Check them out!


Jake McKelvie & The Countertops

Hailing from New Hampshire these guys have played all over the country, but have made it to out to four out of five Limb Snappings.

They're about to make it five out of six.



When it comes to meaning, the title of Howard's second album Together Alone contains multitudes. Following 2015's intriguing debut Religion, it's the first album from 30-year-old multifaceted bandleader Howard Feibusch's project to be recorded with the full band that so capably toured behind Religion; it's also an aching, restless, and altogether lovely document of the paradoxical sensation in which we feel more isolated than ever in the face of increasing togetherness and connectivity—a modern sentiment wrapped in music that's timeless in its timbre.

Feibusch has been playing music since he received an electric guitar for his 12th birthday: "The first twenty songs I learned were Nirvana's," he reminisces, a self-guided musical upbringing that included heaping helpings of modern and classic rock, along with electronic music. The genesis of Howard as a band, specifically, lies within Feibusch and bassist Myles Heffernan's previous band Orange Television, which the pair formed while attending UMass and worked under for five years. In the fall of 2013, they moved to NYC, playing shows as a duo before meeting drummer Chris Holdridge; the three rehearsed Orange Television songs together, but something didn't feel quite right. "I felt like I was in a cover band of myself," Feibusch admits. "I wanted to start over."

To learn more about Howard check them out on NPR.

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Gilligan Moss

What Happened?’

That’s the name of Gilligan Moss’ upcoming EP and it’s also a question that’s worth answering. In the three years since the release of their debut ‘Ceremonial’ – which was followed up with a delectable buffet of remixes (Sia, Glass Animals, Tegan and Sara, and a rework of Sébastien Tellier’s iconic “La Ritournelle”) – original songwriter and producer Evan has been joined by Ben, a childhood friend and musician who has brought a new dimension into the electronic outfit.

Though Ben has been part of Gilligan Moss for a while (he joined after the critically acclaimed release of ‘Ceremonial’, playing alongside Evan on a tour where they supported Glass Animals), ‘What Happened?’ is the first official collection of music that they’re releasing together. That said, it’s not the first time they met. They’ve both been friends for years, meeting back in pre-school in Chicago where they grew up.

The two share a similar venn diagram of music: one that moves from early forays into the likes of Outkast and UGK, through to Radiohead and back out the other end into electronic luminaries Daft Punk, Four Tet, and DJ Koze, with groups like Animal Collective and Caribou somewhere in the middle.

On paper, those selections sound like – and they are – a diverse mix. But they’re also a good representation of the Gilligan Moss sound: a smorgasbord of propulsive club music, experimental pop songwriting, and trippy ambience, all spread across a foundation of electronic music.


Madam West

Madam West is an NYC-based experimental pop quintet. Originating as a synth-pop duo in a musty Bushwick basement, the group has grown into a five-piece fusing alt-rock, folk and neosoul influences into a layered and danceable sound wholly their own.

The group has been favorably reviewed in IMPOSE, Tiny Mix Tapes, GoldFlakePaint, NextNorthWest, and Bearded (UK) and embarked on their first national tour in Spring 2017. Madam West has opened for Anna Wise (Grammy winner for Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly) and shared festival bills with artists the likes of Milo, Guerrilla Toss and Zola Jesus.


Chazz Giovanni

Chazz Giovanni* =

Actor. Director. Creator. Musician.

As a traveling-man, nightlifeplug & Native New York; Chazz has alchemized an uncategorizable mode of art, healing and communication.

Best known for his work on the East & West coasts with acts & organizations such as: Quincy Vidal, Kahiem Rivera, Peacelife, Jackson Foote, and the ColemanCollective. Not forgetting Chazz & Valentin Lamar's creative organization: N.G.R.

Starting with "My L.I.M.P." his first E.P. series
then "The Freedom Mixtape"
after that it was "Forever S.A.D."

Looking forward; his latest project "The End..." will be available on all streaming services in the coming season.

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Caleb Eberhardt is Rosehardt - a self-produced R&B / hip hop artist from San Francisco, CA, currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. Rosehardt weaves a harrowing, humble narrative through dynamic productions that bend genre borders at willl. A spell-binding lyricist equally capable of visceral verses and soaring, pleading hooks, his progressive compositions reveal an emotional sophistication rarely found amongst contemporaries. Rosehardt’s solo material offers an intimate exploration of his personal history. His music is rooted in gospel and black folk music, echoes of which coat his recent singles, “Fall Into You” and “Bad Song,” with a weathered rawness. Creating soul music for a generation burdened by the weight of history and a depressingly unchanged present, Rosehardt's songs are earnest treatises on life in America as a young black artist navigating the throes of modernity.

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Kahiem Rivera

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Kahiem Rivera manages to weave a cynical, world-weary perspective into hip hop songs about love, sex, race, and disappointment. “I make ‘em dance and depressed at the same time." There is a whole lot to be sad about, but there's also music. And as much as Kahiem would love to drink a beer and talk your ear off about how awful it all is, he'd rather rap. It’s not all gloom though. If you were willing to return the favor, Kahiem would tell you that he loved you, and he would mean it. He even has a song about f***ing. It was spurred by a very symbolic dream involving paper cranes, but it's about f***ing nonetheless. And who doesn't like f***ing?

Kahiem's newest album just dropped, Be Quet Pt. 2. Check 'em out on Spotify.

Kahiem Rivera - Be Quiet Pt. 2


Sans Caballo

Led by our very own Sam Fuentes, Sans Caballo puts a fresh spin on folk-blended alt rock. Sans Caballo is accompanied by artist in residence and Limb Snapping sound producer, Matthew Vitti of Mother Brother Studios.



Elysse is a Brooklyn-based songstress who makes cinematic, genre-bending acid soul. Her panoramic, yet intimate songwriting style is propelled by her passion for classic art and literature and takes sonic cues from her roots in Brazilian and psychedelic music, classic soul, and jazz.



"[Elysse] brings a hazy-surrealist sound to r&b... With panning sounds of a possible Mars mission, dark-toned guitars, and the lagging walk of the bass, it’s the bright voice guiding it (into almost an orchestral big band feel) that makes this debut so raw and worth every gram of its weight in genre redefinition." ~ Elevatrtrx

"Elysse herself most readily recalls Jill Scott, or better yet KING with slightly better chops, sipping at the waters of jazz and quiet storm soul, with a vulnerability that suits the lyrical arc of passion, lust, loss and regret." - SoulBounce



Justin Joffe

Joffe is a writer and musician who keeps his weight up with a day job as a journalist, focusing on music, PR, technology, and our malevolent, hyper-normalizing media overlords.

His 6th album, “The Water’s Fine,” was released digitally on May 13, 2018:

Justin says this about the record:

The Water's Fine was recorded last summer, but in the sustained profundity of mourning, all these words sound illuminated with new meaning. I've long used music and psychedelics as my own therapy. Hence, any apologies to the curious who stumble upon this only to discover it's the "for me" project epitomized.

After mom died last month, I found myself in the strange position of empathizing with Kanye West. He'd returned to Twitter, posting a photo of the doctor who performed the botched plastic surgery that killed his mom and saying that he wanted to use the man's photo as his album cover. I understood Ye’s pain at feeling as if someone was suddenly stolen from him by that old American negligence, along with his not having a support system of people to help him heal in private, and was going to write about this newfound understanding for Mother's Day. Then he said that slavery was a choice, so fuck him.

Instead, I'm putting this record out into the ubiquitous black hole of identity politics and indulgent proclamations of self-loathing that is Bandcamp.

The great Nicholas Charles Raymond Maestri III told me that sound is the one thing that never ends—the waves go around the Earth ad infinitum, getting very small and very faint, but never truly going away. To wit, Leonard Cohen said, "I don't want to be a star, merely dying." Maybe that's what sound is, too.

May 13, 2018


The Empty Bottles

Upstate New York, boot stomping, back road, country music. Hailing from Hudson, NY, these boys are back for another at Limb Snapping and are ready to get down.

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DJ Richard Lennox (Live from Berlin)

An artist, a scholar, a German gentleman. Our very own Richard Lennox will be joining us via livestream from across the pond for a late night rave set that’ll be sure to make your body move… and do some other weird things. His DJ sets have been described BY SOME VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE as having a hand on the avant garde but an ear to the street. Richard is also hosting a rave simultaneously in Berlin as he livestreams to us- at 8AM, Berlin time. This will be rad. Check it OUT.


Hammy's Nice 'n Nasty Disco Fun time

Our very own Hannah Guerrero (aka Hammy aka D’Hamgelo) will be blessing us with a late night disco dance set to carry us into the best weekend of the year. A talented artist and an angelic soul, there’s no one who knows Disco like she does. She also requests that you wear a shiny cape.