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The state-wide search has begun for a new large-scale sculpture to occupy a prominent spot at The Root Community. 

The style, subject and medium are open ended but the location is decided. Your work will replace a pre-existing sculpture that has seen better days. The base of the sculpture is set in a 6 foot concrete slab in a field of wildflowers at the entrance of the property. It is mounted in the center by steel tube with a 2 inch diameter. The only physical requirement is that is can be erected in this fashion.

The winning sculpture will be selected by a distinguished panel of artists including renowned sculptor Christopher Carter, the owner of The Fridman Gallery Iliya Fridman, & artist and activist Diana Wege. The winner will have the opportunity to create their full scale piece with a materials stipend of up to $1000, with a permanent home at The Root Community along with a cash prize of $1000. 


    • Fill out the proposal form below and submit your proposal to by May 19th. 

    • All proposals will be considered and finalists will be selected by May 24th.

    • Finalists will be asked to create a model of their work to present to the panel. 

    • The winning work will be selected at The Root Community
      Arts Weekend on Saturday, June 15th, 2019. 

    • This competition is loosely limited to New York State but if you would like to make an appeal please get in touch.

    • The funding cap for this work is $1000 so please keep this in mind when
      thinking about materials.

    • It is requested that finalists present their concept in person to the panel.

    • The process as well as the final piece will be fully documented. All imagery and documentation
      will be made available to the artist.

    • Once the piece is completed it will belong to The Root Community
      and will not be removed. 

Good Luck!