The Land

The land is our home. We live in the trees so we do all we can to take care of our forest. We also operate a natural farm, keep bees and promote native ecosystems on the property.


Tree Houses and Buildings

We built our first tree house in 2012, hauling all the materials in on our backs. It was so much fun that we haven’t stopped building since, learning and developing friendships at every step along the way.



Nothing make us happier than sharing our beautiful land and buildings with other passionate creative people. We host several events every year as well as artists retreats and residencies.



Mission and Philosophy

The Root is a community-driven space that empowers creative ideas, educates through nature, and connects people from diverse backgrounds. We support these endeavors by offering this space to creators for their work. The land is a place to celebrate existing friendships and forge new ones in a productive and inclusive environment.

Who We Are

The Root is built on turning challenge into opportunity and looks at every project as a chance to learn something new. We started in 2013 with a plot of land and a group of ambitious friends that wanted to learn how to build an exceptional treehouse. Since then, the land has transformed into a destination filled with complex projects that inspire people to be creative, connect with nature, and engage their curiosity.

The work we do is for pleasure, not profit. We believe that when you make something beautiful you should share it. We come here to be in nature and become inspired. The Root encourages self-reflection, creativity, productivity, and engagement with our surrounding communities. Our aim is to bring people from diverse backgrounds together with open minds and shared goals.

Commitment to Inclusion

The Root is an inclusive organization that welcomes people from all racial and cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender expressions, spiritualities, and abilities.

Core Values

Friendship & Respect

We do this for fun! Transforming a physical space allows us to grow closer to one another while forming new friendships. We respect each other and our neighbors and seek new relationships with artists, educators, and the local community.

Environmental Stewardship

The Root is an outdoor community and preserving the natural beauty that surrounds us is a key part of our philosophy. We utilize sustainable methods to enhance the health of local ecosystems, increase biodiversity, and restore native habitat.

Creativity & Play

The Root, for many people, is a contrast from the stress and routine of everyday life. We therefore place a large emphasis on creating fun and unique experiences both through our planned programming and our daily activities. The opportunity to play and create in nature is a cornerstone of our ethos.

Learning Through Work

This is a place to learn and participate in unique and inspiring projects. We explore and encourage ideas on an array of subjects, ranging from agriculture and construction to the arts and sciences. We hold ourselves and each other responsible for our actions and always approach projects from a group mindset. Every day we help and learn from each other to ensure that we leave the property better than when we found it.