The Mayflower

The Mayflower is the first of the Tree houses built at The Root and the brain child of Peter Ossi. It was one of the first structures on the property. It is now fully insulated with a wood stove and features a second floor loft for sleeping and a cozy work space housed in the turret offering views into the forest.

Koehn’s Cabin

Koehns Cabin was built by Morgan Flagg. It is a cozy space, recently insulated and fit with a wood stove. The Cabin features a splendid deck off the back, nearly 30 feet of the ground.


Yamamoto was built by Esom Ashour utilizing building techniques inspired by Japanese carpentry. Esom, being a craftsman and carpenter himself, put his skills to work, crafting details such as the tree house’s ladder and double sliding doors by hand. Full wrap around windows combined with the sound of the creek nearby give Yamammoto an unmatched feeling of serenity.


Droovluct is beautiful tree house built by Kim Case. It features a wrap around deck and a distinctive cured roof line. A 50 foot suspension bridge to access Droomvluct is currently in production.

Drum Platform

The drum platform was built by Peter Ossi and Kristian Isringhaus. It is located 50 feet up in the tallest tree at the highest point on the property for the purpose of housing a drum kit. The view from the platform is unmatched. We wanted to provide a way for visiting friends and musicians to experience the woods in a truly unique way.

The Barn

The Barn is actually a collection of 4 spaces compressed into one to minimize the footprint of our built environment. The barn houses a wood shop and a studio loft space. An extension contains a kitchen and a boathouse with toilets, showers, lockers to store belongings and a cedar hot tub. Cross the catwalk to to the silo and you’ll find a three hundred sixty degree library with a top floor observatory.

Plymouth Stage

Plymouth stage is built on the spot where we pitched our first camp when we arrived on the property. Then there was nothing there at all. Now there is a large stage, a dance floor and a fully equipped sound control booth. We use Plymouth as the main stage for our Limb Snapping festival and for numerous other performances throughout the year