The Root began in 2014 with a meadow and large woodlot. Since then, we’ve designed and built four tree houses, a silo with a wrap around library and observatory, a barn, stage, and bathhouse, among other things. Construction is ongoing and we are constantly building something new.

Here’s a look at a few things we’re proud of.

The Mayflower

Our original, The Mayflower was built in 2014 and includes a lofted bed, writing turret, pot belly stove, and indoor tree. Designed by Peter Ossi and built by The Root Community.


Koehn's Cabin

The Cabin was created in 2015 with rustic ambition. We watch sunsets on the back porch and play banjo on the inside. Designed by Morgan Flagg and built by The Root Community.

The Yamamoto

The Yamamoto sits on a quiet corner of the property where you can hear a brook from its doors. This Japanese Pagoda inspired design uses only wood and glue to hold its wrap around porch. This treehouse began in 2015 and continues to grow. Designed by Esom Ashour and built by The Root Community.


The name is Dutch for "Dream Flight" and began in 2016. Our tallest treehouse, the design features a curved roof with a wrap-around porch that will connect to sleeping quarters via a rope bridge. Designed by Kim Case and built by The Root Community.

The Barn & Outbuildings

The barn is the first thing you see when you get to The Root. The bright red siding and large skylights make it a key feature of the property. The barn houses a full wood shop and an upstairs area for meetings and office work. The silo is accessible from the barn by a catwalk that takes you to the second story. This area is the Monarch Library. Traveling up a helical ladder from there brings you to the observatory at the top of the silo. The silo's roof spins on bearings with an opening window to be able to observe the whole sky.

There are a few small base-camps throughout the property with fire pits, out houses and benches for enjoying late night music sessions around the camp fire.