Welcome to the Root, where 10.1 acres of New York’s Mohawk Valley have transformed into an arena of creativity. We are an inclusive community with people from all backgrounds who design and build tree houses, restore and create native habitat, ride zip-lines, build libraries, beekeep, and enjoy camp fires.


We are constantly changing, always improving, always innovating and creating. The Root is built on turning challenge into opportunity, we look at projects as a chance to try something or learn something new.  The Root started in 2014 with a plot of land and a group of friends. We have created a destination where people come to be creative and curious, a hands-on classroom for environmentally focused and sustainable infrastructure, housing, and resource cultivation. 

The Root is an outdoor community, preserving and protecting the natural beauty that we are surrounded by is a key part of our philosophy. We are always looking for ways to make our land more sustainable, focusing on healthy growth and biodiversity. A strong forest is integral, as the majority of the building we do is in the trees. Because of this we have come to respect and cherish them more than ever.

The work we do is for pleasure, not profit. We believe that when you make something beautiful you should share it. We come here to be in nature and be creative. The goal of The Root is to encourage artistry and exploration in ourselves and our community. We all have different skills and lifestyles but what brings us together at the end of the day is an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and new experiences, and friendship.