March 2017, Newsletter


Time for hibernating is over! We have been dreaming up new projects for The Root all winter and we can't wait to get started.

Winter has been quite the tease this year, but fear not friends, Spring is almost here! Come celebrate the Vernal Equinox with us and enjoy the first days of warm(ish) weather with activities, food, drinks, and most importantly friends! The Vernal FREAQuinox party will be March 17-19 and we hope you can make it. Venmo Kim Case $45 for booze Friday night, food and booze all day Saturday, and breakfast Sunday.

Soon there will be bees! Thanks to Parker Allen funds have been raised to purchase a beehive and its associated materials for the purpose of pollinating every acre of our magnificent land. Friendly bees will hum in our background to invigorate the environment, bind us with a 3,000-year-old human tradition, and thrive within a habitat that protects and supports this truly noble insect. With bees, the property will grow. While we have met our goal for the initial hive we still would love and appreciate any contribution to this incredible project and help The Root's many other endeavors. 

We are also looking at breaking ground soon for a sauna. It will be close to the river to encourage shocking your body in just one more way while up at The Root. Dan Gannon has already purchased the stove necessary for the sauna and we will be looking for help for funding the materials needed for the structure itself. Keep an eye out for details to come soon!

Bathrooms and a Kitchen!

The Root is getting running water! Concrete has already been pour for a structure that will be on the back side of the barn. A third of the structure will be for the kitchen with an oven, sink, refrigerator, and mouse-proof storage! You might have thought that the meals at The Root couldn't get any more high-end but just wait!

The other two-thirds of the structure will be for bathrooms, showers, a hot tub, and cubbies. There will be a place for you to keep you things that isn't in the middle of a wood-shop and we will have all the water luxuries of home for those who are into that kind of thing.

Monarch Library

The library has been named The Monarch Library. Both an nod to nature and regal it is very fitting for our beautiful library. The shelves have  a copper edge and are getting filled with books, however, we still have plenty of space so make sure to bring any books you have when you come up. The stairs spin around giving 360 degree access and a Beauty and the Beast nostalgia to the space.


The observatory that we have been working on at the top of the silo is getting some of its finishing touches. The roof now spins on barings and we hope to have a telescope installed soon.


Christine Allen