August 2016, Newsletter

It's Limb Snapping Time

I can't wait for Limb Snapping and I know you feel the same. If you are one of the many people that came up to help out throughout July you know how much we have been doing, not only for The Root, but also in preparation for Limb Snapping. For all you party people who have a ticket, we cannot wait to see you in just two short weeks. For all of you that don't have your ticket yet, you have 3 more days to get it! This is going to be a party you don't want to miss.


So what exactly have we been up to? The Droomvlucht is coming along! With the front porch over 25 feet off the ground it has taken the blood, sweat, and even some tears of everyone who has come up and we couldn't be more grateful for all your help! Beams got hoisted into place, joists were tied down and reinforced, and the decking was laid out. The massive deck which will ultimately leave a 20'x22' footprint continues to grow with the back portion currently being laid out and the cantilever braced. We hope to have framing started by Limb Snapping so you can see the newest treehouse taking shape.


The barn and silo continue to be the largest project we have undertaken at The Root. The silo roof is getting a beautiful cedar shingle roof and the library walls and shelves are getting put up just in time to be filled with books. The floors of the barn were sanded and stained. We have also been encouraging native flora and fauna all over The Root. A mason bee home was constructed and wildflower seeds spread. For those of you who haven't heard a mason bee home attracts native bees that help pollinate 40 times better than other bees because they are native to our area. We have also made huge strides in maintaining the health of our forest while also ensuring that we will have ample firewood for Limb Snapping. 

Limb Snapping

So what about Limb Snapping? We encourage you to read the event page, it has all the details there and any new updates, even for you veterans please check it out for details. We can't wait to get to work and party with you all! A few things we would love to highlight from there: 

Books! We want to fill the silo and are asking everyone coming to Limb Snapping to bring a book (or 20). Doesn't matter what it is, your contribution to The Root library will be great!

Rides! We hear from a lot of people that finding rides can be difficult, we have a ride sheet that you should all check out to encourage carpooling. If you already have your ride figured out we ask that you still enter your car into the sheet so that the organizers know when people are arriving (V important). We also can coordinate bus pickups from the bus station in Albany. We have selected a bus Friday night and Saturday morning (check the spreadsheet) but if you can't make those times talk to Kim, Morgan, or Parker.

Water! We provide a lot of keg beer for you all but if you want to drink anything else you should bring it! We recommend a gallon of water per person per day but you can also replace water with whiskey and maybe be OK. We aren't doctors.

Allergies! If you have any food allergies/sensitivities/preferences please let Kim know ( Even if you're thinking it's not a big deal we would appreciate the heads up!

Christine Allen