July 2016, Newsletter

The Root's Getting Vertical

Repeat after me: altitude is awesome. The new season has brought vertical character to the property, and is punctuated by a silo and second zipline! The silo stands more than 35ft tall and is nearing completion. A translucent white has been applied to its exterior, which is designed to age and naturalize with time. Soon, a custom roof will enclose an observatory to finish an exterior that boasts a wrap-around porch. Have you ever heard of that? Neither had we.

Our second vertical exclamation has been in the works for a few months. We felled a tree line to make way for a NEW zip line that launches from a... you guessed it, tree house platform, that's only accessible from the barn's porch. Not only will the newly felled path thin the forest to open up sunlight and increase the overall health of the land, now we can fly from the barn all the way to base camp. We're still finalizing the project, but we're hopeful that it will be completed before Limb Snapping. 


Introducing ...Droomvlucht!

We've left you hanging, but are finally excited to announce the latest tree house design: Droomvlucht! The name is Dutch for "Dream Flight", and is based on a fable and fantasy theme park ride at The Efteling in Kattsheuvel, Holland, which places visitors in a cabin and transports them through a mystical forest. Sound familiar? The bolts are in the trees and its brackets have been custom made. We've settled on a design that will hopefully be smoother and quieter on windy days. Work will be ramping up in the coming month to complete the first stage of this tree house, a living-room, which will feature a giant porch (obviously). It will look out over the logging road (close to the outhouse) and will connect to base camp via a rope bridge. Stay tuned.


Infrastructure Upgrades

  • We have water! You can now collect rain water off the barn, which even connects to a gravity fed sink, faucet, and pseudo rain shower.
  • We got pizza! A wood burning oven is now operational and located close to the entrance of the Root.
  • We got new paths! We've created a new path that goes directly to the Mayflower. It's aesthetic as hell, don't worry.
  • We just bought 1 pound of Native Wild Flowers seeds. They'll be coming up next season and making pollinators and biodiversity go crazy. Why plant native?
  • We have a wishing well! Get your wishes ready, bro.
  • We made Murderball. You don't even want to know.

Come see it yourself! Limb Snapping is going to be August 12-14! Make sure you get your tickets today

If you haven't already, buy your Fourth Annual Limb Snapping tickets HERE! Additional information can be found on the Facebook Event Page. Make sure you get your tickets by August 5, but the sooner the better. If you have any questions please let us know at RootCommunity@gmail.com.

We've done a whole lot more than the above, so come upstate and drink some beers with us and check it out yourself. Open invite to get your hands dirty.

Stay weird,

The Root Community

Christine Allen